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Summer school of Russian as a foreign language


Have you ever wanted to learn the Russian language? To read Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky in the original? Or maybe your ultimate dream is to connect your future job with Russian? If yes, Plekhanov University is glad to offer you the Summer school of the Russian language, that can be a great start for you to study this beautiful language!

 During the School program you will learn how:

• to meet the basic communicative needs when interacting with the native speakers in social and cultural spheres;

• to be fluent in any kind of conversation, whether it is neutral, formal or informal talk both face-to-face or on paper ways;

• to request and report information, ask questions;

• to express personal feelings towards multiple aspects; 

• to master the Russian speech etiquette skills.


инфографика на англ 3 летняя школа-01.jpg

Admissions information

Upon completion of the training, each student receives the Summer School Certificate.