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Events calendar

5 May tue. at 18:00
Stremyanny per. 36, Moscow
Minister of Culture to Give an Open Lecture on History
13 May wed. at 19:00
Moscow Kiyevskaya railway station, 2
Plekhanov Oscar 2015
22 May fri. at 09:00
Stremyanny per. 28, 2 floor 1 building, Moscow
International scientific-practical conference "The Faculty of Management: 70 years of organizational and managerial innovation"
10 June wed. at 06:30
Stremyanny per. 36, Moscow, Russia
Full-time master level program on IBS
24 June wed. at 09:00
Stremyanny per. 28, 2 floor 1 building, room 75
International Business School (IBS-Plekhanov) to hold the Open Day of MBA Program


3313 applicants
are accepted
in 2014

Bachelor degree is an academic degree taken by a person after successful completing undergraduate courses. This degree enables to work in the specialty
718 applicants
are accepted
in 2014

Graduate licentiate is a professional with deeper specialization that enables to challenge arduous goals
138 applicants
are accepted
in 2014

Postgraduate degree (in Russia – PhD and DSc.) is an academic degree of the highest rank that enables the holder to improve intellectual potential and advance professional skills for carrier development
Continuing education
& Non-degree courses
Continuing education is a structured educational activity designed or intended to support the further development of professional skills.